Companion Planting Guide

This Companion Planting Guide allow you to quickly search and sort through many vegetables, herbs, and flowers to maximize you companion planting strategy. Our list contains companion planting research done on over 20 sites and compiled a useful and searchable guide. A must have for all gardeners!

Plant: Benefits:
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EggplantBush Beans, Pole Beans, Spinach, Marigold, TarragonPerennialAvoid planting them in close proximity to peppers, tomatoes and potatoes as they attact common pests.
EscaroleSweet Pepper, Hot PepperAnnual
FennelDillPerennial Most plants dislike fennel--so plant it away from the vegetable garden. Its foliage and flowers may attract beneficials. Repels fle More...
FlaxCarrot, PotatoAnnualFlax contains tannin and linseed oils which may offend the Colorado potato bug.
Four-O'ClocksAnnualDraws Japanese beetles like a magnet which then dine on the foliage. The foliage is pure poison to them!
FoxgloveApple, Potato, TomatoPerennialCan be lethally poisonous from ingesting any part.
GarlicRose, Carrot, Tomato, Beets, RaspberryPeas, BeansPerennialRepels aphids, weevils, carrot flies, moles, fruit tree borers; Controls rust flies and some nematodes; protects tomatoes against red spiders. Protect More...
GeraniumCabbage, Corn, Grape, Rose, Tomato, Peppers, EggplantAnnualRepels cabbage worms, Japanese beetles. Acts as a trap crop.
GourdsRadish, Catnip, Broccoli, Tansy, Dill, MarigoldAnnualGourds can develop bacterial wilt. Cucumber Beetles, Squash bugs, Squash vine borer, Cut worms, and Aphids are all possible pests.
GrapesBasil, Beans, Peas, BlackberryRadish, CabbagePerennial

Update 7/18/2016: Now searchable by benefits.