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Brü It Yourself | Habanero Hard Cider
Author: Matt Del Fiacco In addition to being easy to make, hard cider is ripe for both experimentation and tweaking. From spicy and dry ciders to fruity and sweet, there seems very little that doesn’t pair well with fermented apple juice. One such example is habanero peppers, which Blake’s Hard Cider out of Armada, Michigan features alongside […]

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Nubee Non-Contact IR Infrared Thermometer – $11.87 + why use an IR thermometer?
Nubee Temperature Gun Non-contact Infrared Thermometer MAX Display & EMS Adjustable From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability: Max temperature function: it can take the highest temperature of the area tested by scanning and save the data at the bottom of the screen Ems adjustable function each object has […]

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The Guide to Insecurities You’ve Been Waiting For
By Leo Babauta Everyone feels insecurity. It’s a part of our lives, which are filled with uncertainty, no matter how much we want to get rid of that uncertainty. We often use the term “insecure” to negatively label a person who doubts themselves, but in truth, no one is free from feeling insecure. We feel […]

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Echeveria ‘Black Knight’ – Tips For Growing A Black Knight Succulent
Also known as Mexican hen and chicks, Black Knight echeveria is an attractive succulent plant with rosettes of fleshy, pointy, blackish-purple leaves. Interested in growing Black Knight plants in your garden? It’s relatively easy as long as you follow a few basic rules. This article can help with that. About Black Knight Echeveria Echeveria plants abound in variety, and their ease of care makes them popular succulent plants to grow. The new growth in the center of Black Knight rosettes provides a bright green contrast to the dark outer leaves. In late summer and fall, Black Knight succulents produce colorful, coral-red blooms atop slender, arching stalks. As an added benefit, deer and bunnies tend to steer clear of Black Knight plants. Native to South and Central America, Black Knight echeveria is suitable for growing in the warm climates of USDA plant hardiness zones 9 or above. The plant won’t tolerate

Taste of Home - Lower Fat Recipe

S'mores Milk Shake
When cabin fever hits, we whip up a beverage that tastes like s’mores. Oven-toasted marshmallows and a blender make it happen. —Sarah McKenna, Centennial, Colorado

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Libyan Dictator Moammar Gadhafi is Killed
On this day in 2011, Moammar Gadhafi, the longest-serving leader in Africa and the Arab world, is captured and killed by rebel forces near his hometown of Sirte. The eccentric 69-year-old dictator, who came to power in a 1969 coup, headed a government that was accused of numerous human rights ...

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Creating a Mead Recipe with BeerSmith 3 Software
Here is a short video tutorial on how to create a mead recipe using BeerSmith 3 home brewing software. BeerSmith 3 is software designed for creating beer recipes, but it also now has support for mead, wine and cider recipes. Total run time is 8:17. You can find additional tutorials on the main tutorial page […]