Companion Planting Guide

With 120 plants, this companion planting guide allow you to quickly search and sort through many vegetables, herbs, and flowers to maximize you companion planting strategy. Our list contains companion planting research done on over 20 sites and compiled a useful and searchable guide. A must have for all gardeners!

Plant: Benefits:
Plant Companions Incompatibles Type Benefits
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Tansy Cucumber, Squash, Rose, Grape, Raspberry, Blackberry Perennial Deters flying insects, striped cucumber beetles, ants, flies, squash bugs and Japanese beetles. Note: attracts cabbageworms. Toxic to many animals.
Tarragon Various Plants, Eggplant Perennial Plant throughout the garden, not many pests like this one. Recommended to enhance growth and flavor of vegetables.
Thyme Cabbage, Broccoli, Kale, Egg-Plant, Potato, Tomato Perennial Controls flea beetles, cabbage maggots, imported cabbageworms and white cabbage butterflies.
Tomato Carrot, Celery, Onion, Mint, Rose, Nasturtium, Marigold, Asparagus, Parsley, Cucumber Corn, Fennel, Cabbage, Lupin Annual Protects roses from black spot. May stunt carrot growth.
Turnip English Peas Potato, Radish Annual
Valerian Various Plants Perennial Adds phosphorus. Good anywhere in garden. Good in compost heaps and good for earthworms.
Wormwood Various Plants Peas, Beans Annual Deters black flea beetles, malaria mosquitos, cabbage worm butterflies. Keeps animals away when planted as a border.
Yarrow Various Plants Perennial Insect repelling qualities. Plant along borders, near paths, near aromatic herbs; enhances essential oil production of herbs. Improves soil quality. More...
Zinnia Various Plants Annual Attract wasps, hoverflies, and humming birds. Plant freely throughout the garden. Zinnia is notorious as a target for mold and fungal growths. More...
Zucchini Basil, Beans, Onion, Corn, Mint, Radish, Nasturtium Potato, Cucumber Annual Zucchini will thrive when planted with nasturtium, corn or marigold. Nasturtiums will distract the pests from attacking your zucchini and othe More...

Last Update 4/20/2018: Chickweed Added.